Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat

Outback® Brush Cutter cuts a clear path through the densest brush, grass and weeds over 8 feet tall, saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter and other problem vegetation at the rate of 2/3 acre per hour. Powered by a 12.5 HP B&S Intek IC engine. 

  • Manufacturer: Dosko

1/2" Carbide Tipped Replacement Teeth for Dosko Stump Grinder

  • Manufacturer: Dosko

1/2" Carbide Tipped Replacement Teeth for Dosko Stump Grinder

  • Manufacturer: Dosko

1/2" Carbide Tipped Replacement Teeth for Dosko Stump Grinder

  • Model Number: T-300

Bobcat T-300 Skid Steer Track Loader.

One Man Auger Drill 4", 6" and 8" holes 36" deep.  

  • Model Number: 490

High performance and powerful, the 490 is ideal for commercial and farm use. Features include inertia chain brake and all-in-one control lever.

  • Manufacturer: Ground Hog
  • Model Number: HD-99

The Ground Hog HD99 is a Towable Hydraulic Earthdrill that is designed to be powerful, easy to use and require very little maintenance. The HD99 is the most powerful earthdrill in the Ground Hog line. With it's 9hp Honda or Subaru engine, the HD99 can easily dig with any Ground Hog auger up to 18 inches in diameter. The use of hydraulics allows the HD99 to have variable auger speed and reverse which is very useful if the auger gets stuck. 

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: edger

Sidewalk Edger

  • Manufacturer: Dosko
  • Model Number: 337

Walk Behind Stump Grinder

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt Tools
  • Model Number: DW715

Heavy Duty 12" Compound Miter Saw

  • Manufacturer: Maxim Manufacturing
  • Model Number: RM4H

Mix, Till, and Dig with Maxim's Commercial Compact Tiller. With Maxim's smallest serviceable roller chain and sprocket transmission, the tines (approximately 150 rpm) can really throw dirt. The commercial compact boasts these great features: Braced, 14 gauge, seamless tubular steel handles, 13" and 19" tilling width, 11" Bolo tines with bolt on blades, and lift handle/engine guard

  • Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment
  • Model Number: 968 999 393

19" aeration width with free-wheeling tines for easy turns. Aerates 21,900 sq ft/hr. Folding handle and 2 removable weights

  • Model Number: 7225-00-02

Mantis Tiller/Cultivators are the world's favorite capable of digging through the toughest clay and spitting out the rocks. Serpentine tines guaranteed for life against breakage dig deep planting holes for trees and shrubs then tines can be placed opposite on unit to do shallow cultivating for easy weeding. Tines spin up to 240 rpm, twice the speed of other tillers, with the speed control and shut-off switch at your finger tips. Unit is lightweight with handle bars balanced for a long reach into garden beds

  • Manufacturer: Little Wonder
  • Model Number: 2230S-00-01

Little Wonder Gas Hedge Trimmers feature a commercial grade 2-cycle engine with case-hardened gears and easy start electronic ignition. Dual reciprocating blades provide a scissor-like cut that is faster and cleaner, protecting plants from damage. Gas trimmers cut 3500 cuts per minute up to 1 inch branches

  • Manufacturer: Little Beaver
  • Model Number: 9054-4X36

Little Beaver "Snap-on" auger extensions unique alignment design, allows continuous drilling at deeper depths while the cut soil is allowed to flow freely to the surface. It's important that the auger and extension are the same diameter. Often refered to as a Snap-on extension or a flighted extension.

one man auger bit 4", 6", 8" x 36" long 

  • Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing
  • Model Number: SCHV-18/5.5

Classen Hydro-Drive Sod Cutters power forward and reverse with a smooth, consistent power flow, making it easier to maneuver, load and unload. Reduced vibration Sod Cutters feature an integrated throttle/clutch control on handle for sod cutting ease with finger throttle that goes to idle when released. The blade is placed at center of machine for consistent cutting depth; blade won't dig deeper in valleys and come out of ground on hills. Perfect for cutting sod for new flower beds, sidewalks, or home additions

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat
  • Model Number: PR550

20" Power Rake, for thatch removal before overseeding. Optional spring tine reel available. Can be converted into overseeder with additional available kit